Behind the „imprisoned dwarfs“ are the two professional mask players and puppeteers, Patrick Boog and Alexander Huber from Lucerne, Switzerland. The duo is specialised (since 2001) in the making of and the playing with masks / puppets and combine both craft work (mask and puppet making) and non-verbal stage work (theatre) in their artistic creativity. In doing so the two “maskivists” actually link up with an age old international art form, but they don’t feel obliged to heed to a particular mask theatre tradition (E.g. the Commedia dell’ Arte). Their masks, figures and stories are all clothed in a contemporary costume.

With their first two evening-length programs (“ZEITGENOSSEN – a mask piece” from 2003; “MASKULIN – a bit of manhood” from 2008), which are both aimed at an adult audience, both actors were and still are successfully touring the small theatres of Switzerland and abroad, plus also international mask-theatre-festivals in places such as Denmark and Finland.

Their latest programme “HAPPY END” was hit the stage in October 2010.

In the true second sense of the word “zwergenhaft” (dwarfish, gnomish) the duo has found its position in the German-speaking cabaret scene as an insider tip. But Patrick Boog and Alexander Huber are determined to spread the word of their mask theatre productions even further throughout the German-speaking areas and over the borders of Switzerland, always keeping in mind that their extremely expressive masks and non-verbal, physical performances speak a universal language, a language that knows no barriers.

Both the canton and city of Lucerne honoured the two artists’ achievements,
presenting them with an encouragement and acknowledgement award in 2009 (in the theatre and dance area):

“zwergenHAFT produce their own unique charisma and theatrical effect with their masks which is one of a kind in Lucerne. They have already been touring with their pieces in Switzerland and abroad. In the future they plan to network even more with the international mask- and puppet-theatre-scene, which is exactly what the jury clearly wanted to emphasize with their financial support.”

“zwergenHAFT is (at present) intensely concentrating on the further artistic development of their innovative mask-making and figure performances. The jury would like to particularly support the duo’s wish to work more often with stage professionals and to further develop their work both formally and in content.”

(Jury report from the awards night on the 28.11.2009)