ZEITGENOSSEN – ein Maskenspiel (Contemporaries - a mask piece)

Without words fourteen caricature-styled, everyday heroes land in the most
grotesque situations that the audience is amused but at the same time hurt as they slowly recognise themselves on stage.

Stories are told of bottled-up love urges, sweet temptations and heavy blows but also of ruthless lust and bitter frustration. Absolutely nothing is left untouched in this „situation-comic“ of human existence, be it a diving need for admiration or what appears to be absolute peace and quiet.

One piece in four scenes:
- A short spring drama
- A loud summer
- Silent peace
- The last round

Full lenght of the show: 70 minutes
First night: the 21 of may 2003 / Zwischenbühne Horw (CH)

From and with: Patrick Boog and Alexander Huber
Masks: Patrick Boog
Director: Judith Stadlin
Lightdesign: Martin Brun
Technique: Bruno Gisler