Short performances

We can bring either your official or private functions to life (company parties, birthdays etc.) with our masks and accompany you throughout the evening with our weird figures. No infrastructure (stage, light and sound gear) is required for this. A rough outline of the events schedule is all that we need, we simply join in and mingle with the guests.

Don’t hesitate to ask, we’d love to help you.

zwergenHAFT can be booked for short performances.
We have a number of short-scenes (5-15mins) in our repertoire which can either be performed individually or combined.
A stage area of 5 x 4 metres is required fort he realisation plus basic sound and light equipement.

Here's a small selection:

A short spring-drama
Filled with spring-feelings Mr. Häberli is in search of a blind-date...
(approx: 12mins)

High-proof to the max...
(approx: 10mins)

Silent peace
Encounters at the graveside...
(variable, from 7–15mins)

The last round
A warm welcome in winter...
(approx: 10mins)

On the beautiful blue Danube river
The last oasis of manhood...
(approx: 10mins)

The third teeth“ senior-duo
A seniors show with a bite to it...
(approx: 5mins)