Curtain up for the „Lords of Creation“, stage ready for man’s omnipotence.

After years of female emancipation it’s now the time to emphasize the male hunting ground – who really „wears the breeches“. Who are they – our „watchdogs“. Dear Ladies – be stunned at this show of perfection. Dear Sirs – seize the reins, be The Man – after all you are members of the sublime species. Join the ultimative men’s parade.

zwergenHAFT invites you to a mask performance on the male variety, takes you on a journey to masculine dreams, longings and worries, opens your eyes to the alliances between men and to the issues that keep them poles apart.
From the succesful winner to the scented supermacho, from the everlasting looser to the spineless drunk... the variety that Man experiences seem to be endless.

Maskulin – a piece on manliness which scratches the surface of the thickskinned man, and in which the harsh humor undermines the hard manly cliff and in a tragic-comical way strips down the „Myth of Man“ – as the strong and invincible hero.
zwergenHAFT looks behind the surface to bring out the human in Men.

„Deep, tasteful theatre art.“ (The Solothurner daily newspaper from the 13.10.2008)

„The duo can do least three things really well: Build masks and give them a soul. They observe their fellow men very closely. And tell stories with a masterly sharp pantomime. That’s rare.“ (The St. Gallen daily newspaper from the 24.10.2008)

„The ultimative men’s parade is an extraordinary cabaret experience. „Masculine“ is surprising, witty and somewhat strange but in actual fact incredibly well performed.“ (The Zofinger daily newspaper from the 4.11.2008)

Full lenght of the show: 80 minutes plus interval
First night: the 4 of april 2008 / Burgbachkeller Zug (CH)

From and with: Patrick Boog and Alexander Huber
Mask-creation: Patrick Boog
Director: Maria Gallati
Light-design / Technique: Bruno Gisler
Stage: Gratschi Jud
Costumes: Arielle Feurich

Film preview: Trailer of the program on Youtube