Mask- / Puppet creation

In their atelier in Lucerne, Switzerland, which is used by zwergenHAFT as both a workshop and rehearsal room, well over 100 different theatre masks and numerous theatre puppets have been created.

Patrick Boog has been concentrating quite intensively on the production of theatre masks since 2001, most of which are unique. The mask builder has developed a keen eye for detail and distinctive facial characteristics, in turn creating an unmistakable personal, modern style. His highly precise finished masks appear caricature-like but at the same time extremely human. They seem to have been tainted by life, that’s why they’re able to move people.

The materials preferred by the artist include clay and tarlatan, a textile that is normally used in the book-binding industry. Around one working week is required from the initial idea till the mask is finished.

Alexander Huber creates his miniature, up to life-sized theatre puppets out of tarlatan, papier-mâché or shawdust. Wire, foam and masking tape are further important building materials.