The third set of teet grind and the old bones knock in time to the beat. In a bizarre variety show with a punch, life itselfs is celebrated and dead flows through the whole program.

In the „HAPPY END“ old peoples’ home – an institution that specialises in no more wanted, still spotlight addicted old stars, here they meet for their very last ensemble. There are no signs of bored old pensioners lacking sparkle and glamour here. The tireless stars of days gone by all meet in the home’s recreational room, sticking to the motto: „The show must go on!“

Retiring isn’t aloud: Even though the magician has outlived his rabbit and the archery man has lumbago and has been missing the target for some time now. The acrobat has got a stiff neck, the prima ballerina suffers from corns on her feet and the audience, in case it hasn’t died, turns a blind eye on proceedings. But not even arthritis can stopp the artists, because a real artist still can, long after he actually really can’t: „We are only as old as our make-up!“

But the day when the last curtain call is made and the floorboards which meant the world are turned into coffins is drawing near...

Full lenght of the show: 90 minutes plus interval
First night: the 20 of october 2010 / Kleintheater Luzern (CH)

A mask- and puppet-theatre production from and with Patrick Boog and Alexander Huber

Mask-creation: Patrick Boog
Puppet-creation: Alexander Huber and Patrick Boog
Director: Thomy Truttmann
Musik: Ben Jeger
Magical advisor: Martin Soom
Costumes: Arielle Feurich
Stage: Martin Finsterle
Light-design / Technique: Bruno Gisler
Fotos: Helmut Pogerth
Graphic-design: Stefan Haas

Film preview on Art TV (oktober 10) >link